Born Nov. 30, 1917, Mr. Voller grew up in Cicero, the second youngest of eight children. He graduated from Wilson Elementary School in […]
The condition of the Afro-American soldiers within the U.S. Army has always been subject to studies, and their effort to join the fight […]
Kaiser joined Item Company – 60th Infantry Regiment on 10 February 1945, and took over the 2nd rifle platoon. The regiment is then […]
Battle of the Meuse River, Belgium 4 – 7 September 1944 A tragic river, the Meuse has always been present on the route […]
14 June 1944 was certainly a difficult day for the men of the 9th Infantry Division. The ‘Devils’ of the 60th Infantry Regiment […]
Karl C. Warner, a.k.a. « Molotov », a.k.a. « Mollie » There is always ‘that’ guy in the company. The one that cannot […]
The Battle of Monceau-Imbrechies involved couples of companies from the 60th Infantry Regiment, and a German battalion-size force that was entrenched in and […]