Battle of the Meuse River, Belgium 4 – 7 September 1944 A tragic river, the Meuse has always been present on the route […]
The 39th Infantry Regiment pushes towards the Roer 8 – 12 December 1944 Since the beginning of November, the 39th Infantry Regiment was […]
14 June 1944 was certainly a difficult day for the men of the 9th Infantry Division. The ‘Devils’ of the 60th Infantry Regiment […]
Karl C. Warner, a.k.a. « Molotov », a.k.a. « Mollie » There is always ‘that’ guy in the company. The one that cannot […]
Story of the 39th Infantry Regiment in the Ardennes. December 1944 Speaking about the Battle of the Bulge in the 9th Infantry Division […]