Contribute to this website, and to the preservation of history and legacy of the 9th Infantry Division

If you are a WW2 veteran, or related to a WW2 veteran who served in the 9th Infantry Division during WW2, please contact us. We always look for individuals stories, testimonies, memorabilia, souvenirs, photographs in order to preserve their history. 

In collecting their stories and artifacts, we build-up a museum either physical (Museum Lieutenant Cook, Belgium) and virtual (Virtual Exhibition). Some days, these souvenirs, documents, photographs will be lost. Spread out in the family descendants or even separated to be sold on Ebay. We collect them, preserve them and make sure that they serve to always remember those whose stories never got told.

Wartime Service Documents

We tend to re-create the wartime service of the 9th Infantry Division soldiers from when they joined the Army to the end of their service. We write personal stories and we base our researches mainly on wartime service documents, like military discharge papers or any service-related documents. You can either send them to us so we can professionally preserve them, or you can digitized them and email them to us to enrich our database.

Military Records

Military researches and studies are mainly based on first hand sources. The vast majority of them are military after action reports, reports of operations or morning reports. These are valuable documents which are stored somehow in the National Archives, but also a bit everywhere in each veteran family. If you possess such documents, or even copies of them, please consider sharing them with us to enrich our documentation center.


We are always searching for wartime photographs, could it be individual photographs taken in studios, or on the field ; or official photographs taken by the Army service (Signal Corps mainly) or the War Correspondents. These photographs can be mailed to us, or digitized and emailed to us. Contact us to know how to do so, in order to preserve them and make these medias available to the larger audience.


We collect artifacts and memorabilia from wartime period related to the 9th Infantry Division. This to augment the collections of the Museum Lieutenant Cook (Belgium) which is a small museum dedicated to the 9th Infantry Division during WW2, and second to build-up the virtual exhibition in this website in order to make available these treasures to the maximum of people, if they can’t travel to Belgium. This will preserve these artifacts and contribute to educate the younger generations.

Testimonies and Memoirs

If your 9th Infantry Division relative wrote some notes, had a personal journal or even wrote memoirs of his military service, we’d be very interested to obtain it or digitized copies to add it to our 9th Infantry Division bibliography and documentation center.

Tribute Page

You don’t have anything left from your 9th Infantry Division relative, but you remember some elements from his service? Contact us: we will add him to our database, and publish a tribute page onto our Virtual Wall of Honor. In doing so, he’ll live forevermore.

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