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The Cost of History

These years of research and publications have made me realise the growing cost of such an activity. The American National Archives are far from being fully digitised, and access to them is virtually impossible or unaffordable for a European researcher. So you have to go through an intermediary who charges particularly high fees (as an example, my last order for documents from the archives cost me over $600.00).

My publications in periodicals don’t fully offset these costs, especially as there are other costs as well: the cost of hosting this website, travel to historic sites, administrative costs, etc.

I have always managed, and will continue, to produce articles and the like without charging for everything. However, one thing is certain, I will not be able to continue to obtain unpublished archives from the National Archives without help: I can no longer afford to spend such large sums of money today.

If you appreciate my work, on this site or elsewhere, and would like to help perpetuate it and guarantee free access to information, don’t hesitate to make a donation, whatever the amount!

NARA Archives Order

$ 300.00 for a Regimental History


€ 1,200.00 for three days


€ 345.00 per year


$ 2,500.00

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