Lawrence T. “Larry” Faulkner

Enlistment and first campaigns Faulkner was born on June 9th, 1921 in Kentucky. At 17 (1938), he enlisted in the Army at Fort Thomas, and was assigned to Item company, 10th Infantry Division. In 1940, he is transferred to Fort Bragg and is affected to Fox Company, 39th Infantry Regiment as a rifle squad leader. […]

John R. Davis

John R. Davis was born on May 10th, 1921, in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. He enlisted the U.S. Army on October 8th, 1940 as infantryman and was assigned to Company M, 47th Infantry Regiment at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Mike Company is the Heavy Weapons Company of the 3rd Battalion. He served in that company for the […]

Sex in England

As from November 1943, the men of the 9th Infantry Division started to arrive in England after the Sicily Campaign. They assemble together with the rest of the Allied troops foreseen to invade mainland Europe on D-Day.During this period of rest and training, the 9th Infantry Division’s headquarters is located in Winchester (Winchester, Hampshire). The […]

“We blocked the Bulge”, story of the 39th Infantry Regiment in the Ardennes (December 1944)

Speaking about the Battle of the Bulge in the 9th Infantry Division history is quite incorrect. The official name for their actions fits better, since it is called the Ardenne Campaign. On the early morning of 16 December 1944, the U.S. Army encountered a massive German offensive with as northern limit the Elsenborn ridge, and […]

November 8th, 1942: When the 9th Infantry Division entered War

Context On 8 November 1942, the first American ground troops started the fight against Nazism in the European-Middle Eastern Theater of Operation. A large scale landing is planned to happen on the coasts of North Africa, from the western coast of Morocco to the eastern part of Algeria. This coordinated operation has never been tempted […]

The Fifth Platoon: Negro volunteers within E Company, 60th Infantry

The condition of the Afro-American soldiers within the U.S. Army has always been subject to studies, and their effort to join the fight is now well-known. There are some famous units such as 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion (which was never deployed) or the “Red Tails” (332nd Fighter Group) in the USAAF, and on a larger […]

Private Karl C. Warner

A.k.a. “Molotov”, a.k.a. “Mollie” There is always ‘that’ guy in the company. The one that can not discipline himself down to the military standards. The “maverick” who is always seeking for troubles, or who is not fit for the job. Then there is ‘that’ man, who definitely hates discipline and seems to be the worse soldier […]