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Monceau-Imbrechies Memorial, Belgium

There’s a ridge called ‘Hill 270’ by the American troops back in September 1944. This ridge separates the village of Monceau-Imbrechies from Macon, located north of the ridge. On that particular ridge happened the first clash of the liberation of Belgium, on September 2nd, 1944. There, in the late morning of this summer day, the soldiers of […]

John Danzenbaker’s Field Jacket

First Lieutenant, How Company, 47th Infantry Regiment Lieutenant John D. Danzenbaker was Machine Gun Platoon Leader. He was born in 1919, and dra! ed into the Army 5 February 1942. He attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned 2nd Lt. on 12 October 1942. He had various military assignments to train the troops and was […]

Staff-Sergeant Bruce H. Schmeal

Antitank Company – 60th Infantry Regiment Bruce H. Schmeal was born on June 10th, 1918, in Hackettstown, NJ. His parents, Harold and Josephine, have two sons (Bruce H. and William G. Schmeal) and five daughters (Doris, Betty, Rose, Helen and Lois Schmeal). He attended Hackettstown schools where he was active in several sports. Prior to […]