Sex in England

As from November 1943, the men of the 9th Infantry Division started to arrive in England after the Sicily Campaign. They assemble together with the rest of the Allied troops foreseen to invade mainland Europe on D-Day.During this period of rest and training, the 9th Infantry Division’s headquarters is located in Winchester (Winchester, Hampshire). The 39th Infantry Regiment are in garrison in Camp Barton Stacey, a British Army barracks ; the 47th Infantry Regiment is stationed in Alresford Travel and Basingstoke ; and the 60th Infantry Regiment is at Camp Bushfield, near Winchester.

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During this period, the men of the Ninth Division will have to intensively train for the upcoming Invasion of course, but they also live in a foreign country. If the South England has been dedicated to host the Allied forces and that the interactions with the locals should have been reduced to the minimum to guarantee the operational security, yet a lot of stories happened between the “Yanks” and the “Brits”.

King Alfred’s statue in Winchester

The 9th Military Police Platoon is in charge of discipline and security for the whole division. Most of the time, their facilities is collocated with the divisional headquarters. One day, the 9th MP station received complaints that the American GI’s and the English WACs were making love in the park, right across General Manton S. Eddy’s headquarters, leaving all types of sex used evidences.

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From left to right: Churchill, Eisenhower, Bradley, Collins, Eddy, Stroh, at the 9th I.D. Headquarters in Winchester

Carlo Palermo, MP in the 9th MP Platoon, was send to disperse and evacuate the park. While driving up the scene, he said to his driver: “how the hell do you break up something like this?”. He answered, “the hell if I know?”. Many questions went through Carlo’s mind and he said to himself “how would I feel”?” By putting himself in their place and especially that the Invasion was not too far off and they were on the alert. “This could be my last Hurrah” he thought.

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Alresford was famed for its pubs

They drove around for a while, killing time. He then ordered the driver to enter the park. It was pitch dark. Half-way, he told the driver to stop. They could see lit cigarettes all over the place, it looked like lightening bugs on a warm summer night. There, Carlo could see some horizontal shadows on the ground. The time came for him to make the announcement.

“LOUD AND CLEAR, NOW HEAR THIS… the Military Police received a civilian complaint, that many sex used devices were being left in this park, the park belongs to the English people, especially the mothers and their children. As of 12:00 midnight, this park will be off-limits to all American personnel. It is now 11:00 PM and I will return on one hour, AS YOU WERE.”

At that moment, Carlo received a big round of applause. They drove off to get some fish and chips and a couple of beers, to kill the time. They returned at 12:00 midnight and no a soul in sight…

MP sometimes can be comprehensive and creative !