John Danzenbaker’s Field Jacket

First Lieutenant, How Company, 47th Infantry Regiment

Danzenbaker interviewed after the War.

Lieutenant John D. Danzenbaker was Machine Gun Platoon Leader. He was born in 1919, and dra! ed into the Army 5 February 1942. He attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned 2nd Lt. on 12 October 1942. He had various military assignments to train the troops and was sent to England and arrived in Scotland on Christmas Day 1943. He joined the 9th Infantry Division in late December 1943.

He landed on Utah Beach at D-Day + 4 and was wounded twice. He was evacuated in July 1944 to England, then the States, and continued his duty in a recruiting station. In 1947, he was assigned to Japan in the 21st Infantry Regiment, Army of Occupation, as a Troop Information and Education Off icer, then to the 24th Infantry Division. He returned to the States in 1949 to Fort Benning and was assigned to the 3rd Infantry Division. He returned to Japan when the 3rd Infantry Division was sent to Korea. In 1955, he was sent to Orleans where he met his future wife, Sylvie.

Danzenbaker was a famous birdwatcher.

He finally retired as Lt.Col. on 31 August 1964. John was also a famous birdwatcher throughout his life, well known within the birdwatchers community. He passed in 2008.