The Division

The 9th Infantry Division was created as the 9th Division of the U.S. Army on 18 July 1918, during the Great War, but never deployed overseas because it was too late. The Division was stationed at Camp Sheridan (Alabama), and consisted on two infantry brigades and one artillery brigade, plus the divisional units and trains.

  • 17th Infantry Brigade
    • 45th Infantry Regiment
    • 67th Infantry Regiment
    • 26th Machine Gun Battalion
  • 18th Infantry Brigade
    • 46th Infantry Regiment
    • 68th Infantry Regiment
    • 27th Machine Gun Battalion
  • 9th Field Artillery Brigade
    • 25th Field Artillery Battalion
    • 26th Field Artillery Battalion
    • 27th Field Artillery Battalion
    • 9th Trench Mortar Battery
  • Divisional Units
    • 25th Machine Gun Battalion
    • 209th Engineer Regiment
    • 209th Field Signal Battalion
  • Division Trains 
    • HQ Train and Military Police Company
    • 9th Sanitary Train
    • 9th Motor Supply Train
    • 9th Ammunition Train

The Division was disbanded on 15 February 1919.

When the war started in Europe, the U.S. Army felt the need to reorganize and re-activate units in order to prepare itself to an eventual involvement in the foreseen war. On 1 August 1940, the brand new 9th Infantry Division is activated at Fort Bragg, North Carolina...