Taps Sounded : Thomas F. Carocci

We are very saddened to write that veteran Mr Thomas F. Carossi has passed on December 2nd, 2017.

Tom in 2017

Tom was in the 50th Signal Battalion – VII COrps, unit that was General Collins’communication unit. He landed on Utah on June 6th 1944, and took part to the campaigns of Normandy and Northern France.

In September 1944, General Collins’s HQ was installed in the Chateau de Taravisé, near Fosse-la-Ville, and stayed there for few days.

Tom was radioman and worked in a Radio Shelter GMC. His unit was stationed in a small village nearby (Aisémont), and they psent there about a weekd, during which Tom got friend with one of the families living there.

In November 1944, he was transferred to the 9th Signal Company – 9th Infantry Division, until the end of the War. He took part to all of the following 9th Infantry Division’s campaign, and specially to the fights for the Remagen Bridgehead. For the outstanding support provided to the units of the division during the Remagen Bridgehead, the 9th Signal Company was awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation. TOm crossed the Rhine the morning after the bridge was secured. The orders for the division were to hold the bridgehead at all costs. Tom recalls this operation as the “highlight of his time in service”.

Distinguished Unit Citation awarded to the 9th Signal Company after the operations around Remagen

For the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Belgium, the familly who hosted him in September 1944 tried to find him back, and in 1997, Tom was back in Belgium for the first time since the end of the War, with his wife, Mary. He there met the members of the 101st Airborne Belgian Friendly, a local living history association (that I am a proud member of). In June 1999, Tom came back in Normandy with Mary and their daughter Molly, to take part to the ceremonies of the 45th anniversary of D-Day.

Thank you to Laurent Olivier, who gave me these precious information about this veteran who was, sadly, the last veteran friend of our assocation alive. 



May this hero rest in peace. Thank you for our freedom Tom.