Everyone knows about D-Day, when the Allies landed on the coast of France, in Normandy, on the 6th of June, 1944. The Ninth Infantry Division landed on Utah Beach, on 10 June (39th Regimental Combat Team) and started the operations to clean the last German resistance along the beach, northward towards Quinéville. Meanwhile, the 60th Regimental Combat Team started its mission to cut the Cotentin Peninsula to allow the 47th Regimental Combat Team to move North to Cherbourg.

The Division will take part to the siege and the seizure of Cherbourg, and in early July, the 9th Infantry Division is activated to reinforce the 30th Infantry Division West of the town of St. Lo. They repulsed a counterattack led by the Panzer Lehr Division, and took part to the operation Cobra, and once again, resisted a new German armored counterattack in the vicinity of Mortain.

Soon, their three months of combat spent in France were coming to an end as the division was approaching the Belgium border.