Command & Staff

Infantry Division Organization

The infantry divisions during the World War II were all organized the same way, following the "triangular organization". Leading this huge maneuverable unit, the Divisional Headquarters was made of all personnel necessary to operate the division and issue orders. 

The head of the infantry division (Commanding General) has always been a General, who could have been one or two stars General (Brig. or Maj. General). He was assisted by the Assistant Division Commander, who was most likely a Brig. Gen., but could have been a full Colonel as well. As the infantry division has artillery attachments, a general was in charge of the whole artillery pool as the Artillery Commander. Below the commanding key posts, an entire staff was working under the direction of the Chief of Staff (today's COS), and then the Staff was divided into Staff Branches:

  • G-1 (Personnel)  
  • G-2 (Intelligence)
  • G-3 (Operations)
  • G-4 (Logistics)
  • G-5 (Plans)

All these posts were held by high ranking officers, who were Assistant Chief of Staff as well, and had their own service responsible of their branch. Then come the three regimental commanders and the artillery battalions 'commanders.

Commanding Generals


Assistant Division Commanders


Division Artillery Commanders


Chiefs of Staff


39th Infantry Regimental Commanders


47th Infantry Regimental Commanders

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60th Infantry Regimental Commanders

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